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How do I join my family's website?

If your family already has an account at Kinector, there are two ways that you can gain access to it.

1. You can ask your family's curator to send you an invitation. The invitation will be an email with a link inside of it. You can click on this link and then select a username and password.

2. You can ask your family's curator for the access code. You may already have this code. To use it, click on the "Lets Get Started" button on the home page. Then click on the "Find My Family" button and enter your family's name and access code. If you enter the correct code you will be asked to create a username and password.

Important: Write down your username and password because this is how you will sign in to the website and access your family's information. This username and password is unique to you; in other words, each person in your family will have their own unique username and password for accessing the website.

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