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How do I upload photos to the photo box?

Your family must have purchased a subscription in order to use the photo box section. Click on the "Subscription" button on the left of the page to learn more about subscriptions.

1) Click on the "Photo Box" button on the left of the page.

2) If you want to create a new album for your uploaded photos, use the "Create a New Album" form to enter a name and optional description for your new album. If you want to upload your photos to an existing album, click on that album.

3) Once you are inside the album that you want to upload your photos to, use the "Upload a Photo" form to locate the photo on your hard drive. Enter an optional description and click the "Upload Photo" button.

Keep in mind that your digital photograph must be in the JPEG format. This is the format that most digital cameras produce but if you have scanned the image or edited it, you might have to use your image editing software to convert it to a JPEG.

Also keep in mind that the maximum filesize that you can uploade is 2MB, so you might need to use your photo editing software to shrink large photos before you upload them.

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